Against what usually people think, therapy isn't about a professional telling you what to do. It's an active collaboration between you and the Psychologist; you share the work in equal parts.


First you and the Psychologist will have initial discussions to explore the reasons why you are attending, and talk about your background. After the interviews, you both will make a contract, where you will agree how often you will meet, fees and what will be useful during your sessions.

The first step is a process of building a trusting, therapeutic relationship with your Psychologist, where you can feel that you will be listen from a respect, confidential and non-judgmental approach. It will be part of the ongoing getting to know you process where you and your psychotherapist will keep exploring your problems through talking.


Sometimes, just being able to talk freely, in a safe and non-judgmental environment about a problem brings relief.


At the beginning, your Psychologist will help you to clarify what’s troubling you, after that, you’ll move into a problem-solving phase, working together to find alternative ways of thinking, behaving and managing your feelings.

Psychotherapy will help you to start to resolve a problem, and you will also learn new skills that will help you to have a new perspective and view of yourself and the world. In Psychotherapy you will learn that not all the time is possible to change a problem, in that case, you will learn how to focus on improving the things within your control and learn strategist that help you to cope better with the challenge.

Confidentiality is part of the process, maintaining your privacy is extremely important for a Psychologist. It is a part of our professional code of ethics.

During the process, you will review the reason why you started to see your Psychologist, you make new discoveries and rethink why are you attending and probably set new goals. The end of the process will be plan by both, you and your psychologist. Remember that this process is a collaboration between you and the professional.